Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Brief Look at Real Science

I had fully intended to make this blog about the threat that radical Islam represents. And, I still want to go there at some point, but, there is so much other bull s**t going on I just had to get my two cents worth in.

Climate “science” or the lack thereof threatens to further destroy our way of life. The United States is being blamed for all the world’s ills and climate change is right up there at the top. The idiocy is that it is all bogus. OK, I am in trouble now. I am a rabid “climate denier”. I will be drawn and quartered at dawn, but until then let me look back at my 10th grade science class. 

My sophomore year I had to take Biology. During the course of the school year we looked at several relationships between the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom. This was all pretty basic then, but now the kids in biology must learn about gay sex, transgenders and climate science. The real science of biology is nowhere to be seen apparently.

I remember one particular discussion about the symbiosis between the plant world and the animal world. It was based on the “scientific fact” that plants need carbon dioxide to support photosynthesis and animals need oxygen to support metabolism and cell health. The science showed that as plants use carbon dioxide, they give off oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis. Animals use oxygen and give off carbon dioxide as a byproduct of cell function. It’s a bit more involved then that but you get the general idea. Plants and animals are in a state of symbiosis. They tend to balance one another out.

Now, it is no secret that massive acts of clear cutting are reducing our forests and greenery significantly. More and more of the rain-forests are being destroyed to make way for farming and such. That’s understandable. We need farms to feed the worlds growing population. BUT, we are also drastically reducing the very organisms that use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that as we wipe out the greenery, we see a rise in carbon dioxide and a reduction in breathable gasses such as, oh I don’t know, OXYGEN. Whether or not this represents a catastrophic increase is still debatable. And, at the same time, the world’s population is growing exponentially. Thus the human animals are producing more carbon dioxide than the decreasing greenery can use. Result? More damn carbon dioxide.

I offer no argument that mankind is the root cause of this problem. But fossil fuel use is probably not contributing much carbon dioxide compared to the imbalance in the plants and animals. Fossil fuel use does produce other pollutants such as carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons. However, the climate scientists seem to be most concerned about carbon dioxide. It would seem to me that we need to be replacing the trees we cut down in an effort to restore the balance between plants and animals. Then we can deal with the other pollutants.

I won’t even discuss the fact that NOAA and others are massaging the climate data to reflect what they want. That is a given. And, I guess reminding people that the big ball of fire in the sky has a big impact on earths temperature is pointless. And, the fact the big ball of fire goes through cycles of heating and cooling is also lost on the climate experts. When you are a climate scientist you do whatever is needed to make the data fit your science. So, what else is new?