Monday, October 26, 2015

Are We Blind ... or Just Plain Stupid?

I ask this question because it seems that one or the other must in fact be true. From my perspective both are likely.

Every day we see the results of mass immigration. Europe is staggering under the arrival of tens of thousands of rampaging unruly Muslim immigrants. No one wants them or their seventh century version of barbarism and thuggish behavior. Germany and Sweden in particular have literally opened the gates to these misfits and what have they gained as a result? Both countries are witnessing a grotesque increase in rapes and crime. Rioting and protests are common everyday events in all of Europe. Where attempts have been made to accommodate the demands of the invaders, they respond by rioting, complaining and making even more unreasonable demands. Citizens are being turned out of their homes in order to house these evil thugs. Hotels are being seized by government to house the ungrateful wretches. Special cities, complete with the obligatory mosque, are being built to provide for the barbarians. All in all,  just another example of civilizational  jihad.  Invade, infiltrate, dominate and destroy. It seems to be working just fine.

We here in the US are no smarter it would seem. We fail to police our own borders and as a result we are inundated with illiterate, unskilled and in some cases, criminal  hoards from our neighbors to the south. We are experiencing a monstrous increase in crime due to young gang-bangers and we are seeing a resurrection of disease we eradicated years ago. We are seeing a rapid decline in the standard of living and the demise of the working middle class. Our hospitals are buried in debt causing an associated increase in health care costs for our own citizens. Our schools are being “dumbed down” to help the new kids acclimate. Kids who will drop out and hang out on street corners. Worse, many of the “guests” are from the Middle East. We are importing the very people who have sworn to destroy our system of government and replace it with the ravings of a seventh century pervert. Remember their mandate to intimidate, slaughter and fight “until all worship in the world is for Allah.” Top this off with an administration that not only refuses to do anything about the problem, but is actively pursuing actions to exacerbate the problem. This is the same administration that is running up the debt like a drunken Arab prince. Good luck to the future generations that will have to struggle to repay this endless debt. Retirees on fixed incomes are seeing onerous increases in the cost of surviving while experiencing no cost of living considerations. How long before we see mobs of baby boomers standing on street corners begging for food, lodging and medical help. Not too long I suspect.

We reap what we sow.  Hopefully I won’t be around to experience the fall of the American Empire.  I guess we deserve it for our total lack of patriotism and our apathy. Welcome to the third world compliments of our illustrious leaders. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

This is me ... i ... Me. Whatever.

Welcome to the blog of GreytigerTX. I have been watching the massive invasion of Europe by hordes of violent Muslims. I have also been following the tactics of our Kenyan president. It is obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than a dog turd that we are in for one rough ride as a country. Obamugabe has about a year left in which to destroy the nation, but with the help of his minions and a compliant corrupt congress, he should be able to do irreperable damage. It seems to me that we are far past the point of wringing our hands and knashing our teeth. We must deal with the Muslim invasion before it buries us. As far as I am concerned, there are two kinds of Muslims: dead ones and those who don't have a hole between their eyes ... yet. I no longer believe that ANY Muslim deserves my pity or help, unless it is to evacuate their brain cavity. We are being overun by a cult of death worshippers. We have a Christian duty to help them find paradise. My motto is: Help Allah, Marter a Muslim Today! Nuff said. I shall try to be a little more objective henceforth.