Sunday, November 22, 2015

What is it Going to Take?

Every day Mr. Obama dares the Congress to stop him in his insane rush to destroy America. And, every day the gutless Congress stands by and lets him do as he pleases. It is time for all concerned to feel the wrath and fury of the sovereign people.

Article 5, Section 4, Subsection 4.2 of the Constitution requires the federal government  to protect the States against invasion and domestic violence. It reads as follows:

[...] and [the United States] shall protect each of them [the States] against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence."

This does NOT mean martial law. It means the administration should and must perform its duties in such a way as to prevent invasion or domestic violence.  Mr. Obama has made decisions flagrantly in opposition to this duty. He has done nothing to stop the invasion at our southern border and he has fomented rather than prevented domestic violence by importing criminals and terrorists. Furthermore, he prevents the Border Patrol from apprehending and deporting these invaders. And, he has stated his intention to exacerbate the problem by bringing in more “refugees” from Syria. These refugees are mostly young men many of whom are highly questionable as to their intent. They do not intend to assimilate and live according to our laws and traditions. Instead, they are here to cause chaos and suffering. They are not refugees, they are civilizational jihadists. They are determined to raise the flag of Islam over the Whitehouse and Capitol. If this situation doesn’t meet the terminology  and intent of Article 5, Section 4, Subsection 4.2, what does?

Mr. Obama has presented Congress with ample and numerous cases of malfeasance, treason, and aiding and abetting the sworn enemies of the United States. He intends to continue doing so and dares anyone to stop him. We cannot wait for the next elections. In point of fact, if Mr. Obama declares martial law, he can set aside the next elections and rule by fiat. He can dissolve Congress, nullify the Constitution, and through numerous Executive Orders, he can essentially enslave the population of the United States. Personally, I will perish in my effort to resist these final death throes of America. I will not submit and I will not condone the rape and destruction of our country and way of life. Take heed Washington denizens. Beware. The people will take control.  I may not be here to witness your end but it will happen. It must happen if our children are to be free.

Chaos and Tyranny

As of November 2015, the United States faces yet another Constitutional crisis. Once more, the president claims powers which he does not have and cannot exercise under the existing Constitution. We can argue endlessly the pros and cons of the president’s actions, but let us turn to the document at risk for the answers.

Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution lists the enumerated powers of Congress. Listed among the other duties is the phrase that empowers Congress to “establish an uniform rule of naturalization …” .  Nowhere in the Constitution is the word immigration found. It was universally understood the laws of naturalization covered the topic of immigration since said law would set the qualifications and exclusions for entry into the United States of America, as well as the requirements for naturalization. Article I is the section of the Constitution that defines Congress and its duties. It does NOT confer executive powers. Executive power is defined in Article II.

Nowhere in the text of Article II and associated Amendments (12th and 25th) does the Constitution grant the president the power to determine the rules for naturalization. He has NO authority to import aliens except under laws originated by Congress. No such law supporting his authority currently exists. To put it succinctly, the president is in violation of  federal law when he fails to stop illegal immigration or imports immigrants not specifically authorized by Congress. President Obama is willing to do so. He is arrogant and imperial in his demeanor. He believes he can usurp power and violate the oath he took to protect and defend the Constitution. In other words, he is a dictator and tyrant. Considering he was raised as a Muslim this should come as no surprise.

The Department of Justice under Mr. Obama has ruled that the states cannot opt out of taking however many “refugees” the administration cares to import. DOJ forgets the hierarchy of sovereignty under the Constitution. When ratified, it was understood that the people were supreme in sovereignty. Then came the several states and finally the federal government. The federal government is a creation of the several states and is subordinate to them except in those areas explicitly granted by the Constitution. All laws, including Executive Orders, must pass Constitutional vetting. Mr. Obama’s intention of importing thousands if not millions of Middle Eastern refugees violates the text and intent of Article I, Section 8. Only Congress can waive the requirements for admission and naturalization, and, those waivers must be legal under the Constitution. Any attempt to import large numbers of hostile, anti-American jihadists, is criminal and prosecutable. Over thirty states have elected to protect their citizens since the federal government declines to do so.  The states are under no Constitutional compulsion to follow unlawful legislation or executive orders. In fact, they are compelled by the Constitution to refuse to follow such travesties.

 In any event, how does Mr. Obama intend to enforce his will? Declare martial law?  I suspect this will be a can of worms even he can’t foresee or control. Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) the military is also under a compulsion to disobey unlawful orders. This no doubt explains why Mr. Obama is arming every federal employee down to and including the janitors. He expects the military to refuse his unlawful orders so he has organized a cadre of alphabet agency thugs to do his bidding. We are in for a really chaotic ride over the remainder of Mr. Obama’s  term of “service”. I for one do not look forward to the future.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Never Land and the World’s Bambis

Paris, France: Ripped by death and destruction. A singular example of what it means to allow hoards of Muslims into your country. As France sowed, she is now reaping. Forgive me. I am not insensitive to the horror in France. It’s just that I saw it coming. I have read the Koran, the Hadith and the Reliance of the Traveler.  I am far from being an expert on things Islamic, but I can read and comprehend.  I know that this is not an aberration in the Muslim community. This is business as usual. I knew it would happen, I just didn’t know the exact time and place of the slaughter. Germany is facing the same probability as are several other EU countries. They have allowed, even encouraged, massive infiltration of Muslim hoards. A large percentage of these “refugees” are jihadis. This not speculation, it is fact. They have been sent to disrupt and destroy. They are there to intimidate and indoctrinate. They see themselves as the conquerors of Europe and the children of the new worldwide Caliphate. They are superior to all they perceive, at least in their minds. Unless something extreme is done at once, they are correct. This is not an isolated event. It will continue. Each successive attack will kill and mutilate even more innocent citizens. Europe is under siege by an invading army and must act accordingly or perish.

First:  Secure all EU borders. No one in or out. No one!

Second:  Announce on public airwaves that ALL Muslims must report to processing centers in the next 72 hours or face imprisonment. Any rebellion or terrorist activity will spawn incarceration or summary executions for violent offenders.

Third: Deport all Muslims in the country that can be found and identified. ALL, not just the suspicious ones.  Even if they claim to be citizens.  There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Moderate Muslims are simply those who haven’t picked a target yet. They have aligned with monsters, let them face the consequences.
Forth: Close ALL mosques in the country. Board them up and place them under guard. They can be leveled later after things quiet down.

Fifth: Arrange a meeting of all EU countries and Russia and the US. Topic of discussion: the complete elimination of  ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, et al. Authorize the use of tactical nuclear weapons to be used on the areas under terrorist control. Don’t worry about collateral civilian casualties. This is war and war is not neat and clean. Ask the Japanese about collateral damage. It is what ended the second World War.

Sixth: Begin a massive, systematic attack on all known or suspected terrorist strongholds. Use nukes in northern Pakistan. Make sure the Pakistani government knows that this is the result of their inability to kill the terrorists in their country for whatever reason.

Seventh: Expand the attacks to include Iran, Yemen and any other state sponsor of terrorists. This is no time to be squeamish. We are in a war for our national identity and our lives.
Eighth: Make it abundantly clear to ALL Islamic countries  (Saudi Arabia)  that any further attempts at colonization as a part of civilizational  jihad will be met with overwhelming force and destruction of the host country. Keep your jihadis at home. Kill each other. There are lots of Shia and Sunnis. Continue the thousand or more years of religious wars. We will watch as you thin the herd.

Last: Imprison all world leaders who have allowed or facilitated this carnage. Mr. Obama is a prime example. He wants to import 1.5 million Islamists into the United States. No, heck no, HELL NO! Merkle is another. Mobilize the state militias. They will be needed on many fronts. Until we know for sure we can trust the military, they must be viewed with a great deal of skepticism and caution. Don’t trust agents from ANY federal alphabet agency. Obama has been indoctrinating and arming the dog-catchers. Trust no one. Arm yourselves. Your life and the lives of your family will depend on your capability and willingness to use deadly force. This is NOT a call to revolt or overthrow the government. It is a call to protect yourselves from those who would sell us out. They have betrayed the country and its citizens. They deserve to be tossed into prison.  And will somebody please make George Soros disappear?

Finally, to all the jihadis who take exception to my views .. bite me. I could care less if you are offended. You and your so-called religion offend me. A Meccan moon god and a perverted old thug just don’t impress me. The God of the Bible is supreme and Jesus Christ is his son and our savior. By His Grace and for His Glory we will defeat you.

And, a funny aside. Remember how the prisoners at Gitmo required the guards to wear linen gloves to handle a Koran?  Lately I have noticed that in many pictures of terrorists posturing for the world press, they hold their Korans in their LEFT HAND! This is the hand they wipe their butts with. Hilarious!.

Have a nice day and look over your shoulder.  Oh yeah. Why the BAMBI reference? We have become a nation of deer staring at the headlights coming closer and closer. Let’s hope we have the sense to jump out of the way before .. SPLAT!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Know Your Enemies - Part 1

I am going to go a bit off topic for this post. While my main concern is the growing and persistent threat to our way of life from the evil doctrine of Islam, there is an equally sinister criminal triad that lurks behind our everyday lives. I will expose that triad as best I can. No doubt there will be someone somewhere that will someday see what I post and take steps to chastise me. So be it. I am an old codger and each day is a blessing. When they run out I will not whine and ask God for just one more day. This gives me a certain sense of invulnerability. I have given up being afraid of the consequences.

I spent several hours Sunday morning watching the PBS channel. It isn’t necessarily my favorite channel but this particular Sunday they were exposing the serious environmental harm being done by the uranium mining companies on Indian lands and the north central United States. Radiation poisoning and other health issues from contaminated land and water are causing untold harm to the inhabitants of these areas, but when the dust settles, the mining goes on. What happened?

Enter the Triad. Who exactly is the Triad? It is the close knit affection between the government, the military and big multi-national corporations. Make no mistake, they run the country .. period. Believe in whatever fairy tale you choose to keep your warm fuzzy feeling, but this Triad is killing us and doesn’t give a damn as long as they have political power, and unlimited wealth. I have served in the military and I have had the dubious good fortune to have worked for several very large multi-national corporations. I can tell you unequivocally that they don’t give a rats rear vent about anything but  the mission and the bottom line respectively. Right now, the military is chewing up the lives of its warriors and their families. When the lucky ones return home they are quickly forgotten and shoved into the back of the bus. They have fulfilled the bosses bragging rights and legacy and nothing else matters. The big corporations continue to mass produce the weapons we give our warriors so they can kill a whole lot of other people.  Now don’t make the mistake of thinking me a bleeding heart pacifist. Come to my house with evil intent to me or mine and see how long you live. I do have a very big problem with sending young men and women into harms way for what I perceive to be a frivolous reason. And yes, presidential bragging rights are damn well frivolous. Nation building is another. Furthering a progressive liberal policy abroad is in the same category. Ok, moving on.

As I said, I worked for several big companies. I can say with all certainty that they care not for their employees, the environment, or national patriotism. They have no respect for any but their own executives and boards and .. TA DA .. stockholders.  All others are cannon fodder. I could give many examples, but space and reader attention span prohibits such activity.

The government cares about nothing but raw political power and the perks it brings. It and its minions go through the motions to let us think we have a say in our lives, but basically, the government does pretty much as it damn well pleases. Do it and if necessary apologize later. Of course, if you are fairly high on the pecking order, make sure you have one or more scapegoats for when it goes in the toilet .

The military, and here I speak of the movers and shakers, not the grunts, care only for rank and their opportunity to parlay service into a political career later. Politics equals instant millionaire. Of course, there are the toys. The military gets to spend zillions of taxpayer dollars on neat new ways to kill each other, and their own citizens if the scenario presents itself.

The multi-national corporations supply the materials and labor needed to support the ambitions of the other two legs of the triad. Of course there is the incidental fact that they will get filthy rich doing so. And when they get caught doing a no-no, they may pay a hefty fine to the government, but, wink-wink, they get it back by raising the price for their goods and services. Guess who pays for it? Government? Nope. The military? Wrong again. The corporation?  Don’t be ridiculous. We the taxpayers and consumers pay for it. So there really is no risk in doing business if you are too big to fail. One company I worked for had 1500+ lawyers on staff to protect it from lawsuits and other litigation. You think we have a chance against that level of shysterism. No way.

So, be aware of the very real threat Islam presents to our way of life, but keep an eye on your goodies and toys because there is a creepy SOB somewhere that is trying to figure out right now how to take them away from you. And he is not some foreign devil with a rusty sword and a turban.
Wake the Hell up and pay attention people. They aren’t letting the horse out of the barn, they are stealing the damn barn, horse and all! And while we watch, a different little toadie steals our underwear and socks! Such fun! Thank you, may I have another?