Saturday, November 14, 2015

Never Land and the World’s Bambis

Paris, France: Ripped by death and destruction. A singular example of what it means to allow hoards of Muslims into your country. As France sowed, she is now reaping. Forgive me. I am not insensitive to the horror in France. It’s just that I saw it coming. I have read the Koran, the Hadith and the Reliance of the Traveler.  I am far from being an expert on things Islamic, but I can read and comprehend.  I know that this is not an aberration in the Muslim community. This is business as usual. I knew it would happen, I just didn’t know the exact time and place of the slaughter. Germany is facing the same probability as are several other EU countries. They have allowed, even encouraged, massive infiltration of Muslim hoards. A large percentage of these “refugees” are jihadis. This not speculation, it is fact. They have been sent to disrupt and destroy. They are there to intimidate and indoctrinate. They see themselves as the conquerors of Europe and the children of the new worldwide Caliphate. They are superior to all they perceive, at least in their minds. Unless something extreme is done at once, they are correct. This is not an isolated event. It will continue. Each successive attack will kill and mutilate even more innocent citizens. Europe is under siege by an invading army and must act accordingly or perish.

First:  Secure all EU borders. No one in or out. No one!

Second:  Announce on public airwaves that ALL Muslims must report to processing centers in the next 72 hours or face imprisonment. Any rebellion or terrorist activity will spawn incarceration or summary executions for violent offenders.

Third: Deport all Muslims in the country that can be found and identified. ALL, not just the suspicious ones.  Even if they claim to be citizens.  There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Moderate Muslims are simply those who haven’t picked a target yet. They have aligned with monsters, let them face the consequences.
Forth: Close ALL mosques in the country. Board them up and place them under guard. They can be leveled later after things quiet down.

Fifth: Arrange a meeting of all EU countries and Russia and the US. Topic of discussion: the complete elimination of  ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, et al. Authorize the use of tactical nuclear weapons to be used on the areas under terrorist control. Don’t worry about collateral civilian casualties. This is war and war is not neat and clean. Ask the Japanese about collateral damage. It is what ended the second World War.

Sixth: Begin a massive, systematic attack on all known or suspected terrorist strongholds. Use nukes in northern Pakistan. Make sure the Pakistani government knows that this is the result of their inability to kill the terrorists in their country for whatever reason.

Seventh: Expand the attacks to include Iran, Yemen and any other state sponsor of terrorists. This is no time to be squeamish. We are in a war for our national identity and our lives.
Eighth: Make it abundantly clear to ALL Islamic countries  (Saudi Arabia)  that any further attempts at colonization as a part of civilizational  jihad will be met with overwhelming force and destruction of the host country. Keep your jihadis at home. Kill each other. There are lots of Shia and Sunnis. Continue the thousand or more years of religious wars. We will watch as you thin the herd.

Last: Imprison all world leaders who have allowed or facilitated this carnage. Mr. Obama is a prime example. He wants to import 1.5 million Islamists into the United States. No, heck no, HELL NO! Merkle is another. Mobilize the state militias. They will be needed on many fronts. Until we know for sure we can trust the military, they must be viewed with a great deal of skepticism and caution. Don’t trust agents from ANY federal alphabet agency. Obama has been indoctrinating and arming the dog-catchers. Trust no one. Arm yourselves. Your life and the lives of your family will depend on your capability and willingness to use deadly force. This is NOT a call to revolt or overthrow the government. It is a call to protect yourselves from those who would sell us out. They have betrayed the country and its citizens. They deserve to be tossed into prison.  And will somebody please make George Soros disappear?

Finally, to all the jihadis who take exception to my views .. bite me. I could care less if you are offended. You and your so-called religion offend me. A Meccan moon god and a perverted old thug just don’t impress me. The God of the Bible is supreme and Jesus Christ is his son and our savior. By His Grace and for His Glory we will defeat you.

And, a funny aside. Remember how the prisoners at Gitmo required the guards to wear linen gloves to handle a Koran?  Lately I have noticed that in many pictures of terrorists posturing for the world press, they hold their Korans in their LEFT HAND! This is the hand they wipe their butts with. Hilarious!.

Have a nice day and look over your shoulder.  Oh yeah. Why the BAMBI reference? We have become a nation of deer staring at the headlights coming closer and closer. Let’s hope we have the sense to jump out of the way before .. SPLAT!

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